Dessert and Wine

The best of things together! Dessert and Wine! Oh and family and friends too!

1. Pick the Desserts!  It is ok to include more than 1 right!? ha ha

I chose to include a wonderful early summer treat of strawberries!
Strawberries and whipped cream are served in individual sliced angel food cakes along with whole strawberries and a delicious milk chocolate spread for dipping. What goes better than whipped cream, chocolate and fresh seasonal berries?!

2. Add Win!  Most desserts go well with late harvest type wines which are sweeter than average sweet wines.  I chose to go with a late harvest chardonnay dessert wine.  See here for how to use wine with desserts

Wine, Barbecue, and Glass

This is a great way to combine barbecued chicken, wine, and fused glass serving dishes.  Mid spring  is a great time to spend more time outdoors than in. The sun is warm, the grass is green, the hummingbirds are feasting on flowers and nectar, and it is time to sit outside and fire up the grill to enjoy it all! Don't forget to drink some chilled wine and beer.

1. First, pick the food.  For something a bit different yet classic for the grill, a chicken kabob was chosen.  On the kabob was chicken, sweet onion, and tomatoes glazed with a Caribbean jerk sauce! Doesn't that sound great! We are not done!

2 Next the all important wine or beer. Today a semi-dry Riesling was chosen.  This white wine does fabulously well on its own while watching the grill. It also mixes wonderfully with chicken, vegetables, and a spicy and tangy jerk sauce. It allows you to enjoy both the sweet and spicy favors.

A great article on pairing wine and  chicken Pairing Chicken with Wine | Gayot

Finally, entertaining is a great time to use special serving ware,  wonderfully enjoyed with friends, family, food , and wine.

Wish you were here!