I've Got 10 Minutes! ... to Listen

A remarkable message came to us from a hotel owner named Dave from Maine. In commenting about his great ability to listen to others, his response was "I've got 10 minutes".  Meaning he has ten minutes to listen to a person.  What a great comment in today's day and age where many of us do not even have 10 seconds to listen.

Well we took 10 minutes, or so..., to make these great fern coasters using live ferns from Maine that Dave took less than 10 minutes to pick. ha ha.

One of my signature styles is the inclusion of real live plants into my fused art glass pieces. It first began years ago when I created a 'Fern Sushi Set' for my friend's wedding present.  I use real plants and coat them with powdered glass. In the kiln the plant burns away and leaves its impression like a fossil on the glass! 

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St. Therese