Snowflake Decor

I have been making a few snowflake inspired items to decorate your home or give as a gift.  Snowflake Coasters, Snowflake Suncatchers, Snowflake Tea Bag Holders, Snowflake ring dishes, and of course Snowflake Ornaments!  I make each by hand in a few different ways.

The snowflakes you see on the coasters, the ring holder, and the tea bag holder are actually made of glass! I place powdered glass in the shape of a snowflake and then it is 'fused' to the glass by kilning.  This makes it a permanent part of the glass as opposed to a decal or paint. 

The other snowflake sun catchers and ornaments are each my own design.  I cut each piece by hand and place it before it is heated and melted in my kiln to form one unique creation.