Wine and Cheese in Winter

Its December, Its Colder, and its time to hibernate.  Even if you enjoy the outdoors, its great to escape indoors near a fire, picture window, Christmas tree, or stereo. Add to this some wine and cheese and take the time to relax and rejuvenate.

The wine - We enjoy the sweeter and fruitier port wines.  We chose a tawny port which is based on a fruity cab franc wine and raisin brandy is added to it.  The higher alcohol content,  combined with the fruity flavor and sweetness gives it a richer and fuller taste.

Gouda Chesese
The cheese - Though tawny ports go great with desserts like german chocolate cake it can also be paired with cheeses.  We chose a mild Gouda and added a sweet mustard with honey to it. The sweet mustard paired nicely with the sweetness in the port. The mustard added to the taste of this port.

We used our melted wine bottles, a small glass dish, and brandy glasses to serve the cheese, crackers, mustard, and the port.