Tomatoes In, Oregano Out

Yesterday, was a good day in my area to plant the first half of my tomato plants.  We started the plants in mid April this year inside and hardened them off over the last couple weeks. We tend to try to wait sometimes even to the end of May to plant because of frosts that can strike up until June. We planted 4 varieties: Roma (for canning), Brandywine (an heirloom for eating by itself or on sandwiches!) , Yellow pear (for snacking and salads), Cherry Tomatoes (for snacking and salads).

What to add. I like to add some crushed egg shells and a scoop of manure to each hole (for fertilizer), mix, and then place the tomato plants. Check out this link about Egg Shells
Tomato Plants

After finishing the tomato planting, I noticed there were many oregano plants. Too Many!  A nice article about using oregano. I cut them and now they are hanging to dry. As always the Lord is Good.
Drying Oregano