Saint John Paul II

Jesus words to Saint Faustina, canonized by St. John Paul II.: 
Do not be afraid of sufferings; I am with you (151).  The more you will come to love suffering, the purer your love for Me will be (279). 

St. Faustina:  
Jesus, I thank You for the little daily crosses, for opposition to my endeavors, for the hardships of communal life, for the misinterpretation of my intentions, for humiliations at the hands of others, for the harsh way in which we are treated, for false suspicions, for poor health and loss of strength, for self-denial, for dying to myself, for lack of recognition in everything, for the upsetting of all my plans (343). 

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Plum Pierogi

Like many of you gardeners and canners, its been a busy summer. Since I last wrote about zucchini, I have been busy with beans, peppers, and tomatoes. Now the plums are ripe and apples are right around the corner.

This article is about the basics of making Plum Pierogi!
Plum Pierogi Before Boiling

Freshly Picked Apples and Plums

Step 1 - Find a basic Pierogi dough recipe. I have one recipe link at my pinterest board here

Step 2- Once you have made and rolled the dough out thinly then cut 3" circles with a round cookie cutter.

Step 2
 Step 3 - Lift the dough with one hand and brush the edge with a beaten egg.
Step 3 
Step 4 - Cut plums in half, remove pit, and place 1/2 of plum face down on circle.
Step 4
 Step 5 - Fold Dough over the Plum and pinch closed.

Step 6 - Boil in salted water for 15 minutes. Then freeze or prepare to eat by frying until you're liking!

Spoon Rests - Useful when Canning and Cooking!