Easter Baking

I made some paska bread and lamb cake for Easter Sunday. This is a Polish and Ukranian tradition of our grandparents. Bake them on Friday, have them blessed on Saturday, and then eat them on Easter morning breakfast along with hard boiled eggs, ham, kielbasi, and horseradish!

Before Baking

Baked and ready to be blessed and eaten.

Khristos Voskres! Voistinu Voskres! Christ is risen! Indeed He has risen! 

Easter breakfast.

Mercy on the War Front!

We saw this story and had to share it with you. For 10 years an ecumenical ministry has provided coffee to 1,800 military chaplains of all faiths in 35 countries to share with soldiers.

Thomas Jastermsky, founder of Holy Joe's Café, which he administers with a handful of volunteers out of First Congregational Church in Wallingford, Connecticut. Donate to Holy Joe's by emailing them below. The funds go directly to the purchase of Mystic Monk Coffee, roasted by the Carmelite Monks in Wyoming.

To read more http://www.marian.org/news/Mercy-on-the-War-Front-6661

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