Home Decor Gift Ideas

Dishes and Tea Bag Dishes

These unique handmade tea bag holders and ring holders make great functional pieces of art and wonderful gifts. I make each one individually by hand using my kiln. Go to my etsy shop to purchase.

I make them in large orders as well up to 40 a week for bridal shower parties and wedding favors. Convo me on etsy or email me at chelkay7@gmail.com for large or custom orders.

Party Favors

Party Favor or Small Gift
These small dishes are economical and I make them in various colors and designs. They have several uses and make great gifts.  Go to my shop and convo me for gift wrapping.

Go here on how to gift wrap my dishes yourself! http://chelkay.blogspot.com/2014/08/party-favors-and-small-gifts.html

Large Orders

Custom Designs
Tea Party Favor

Weddings, Bridal Showers
Ring Dish

Sushi Sets

This purple orchard colored sushi set is sleek looking especially with the dark chop sticks.  I liked this purple one so much I used one of them for myself when I ate sushi recently. Click here to See the blog article of when I used it to eat sushi here :    Click here to see it for sale at my shop.

This economically priced sushi set is a unique gift idea. People are buying them to give as bridal shower gifts and birthday presents. Click here to see it in my online shop.


Candle Holders

I made this candle holder using real live apple blossoms!  The blossoms were replaced with pieces of glass that are a permanent part of this candle holder, like a fossil!  It would make a great wedding present or bridal shower gift. Click here to see it in my online Etsy Shop. https://www.etsy.com/listing/173424346/apple-blossom-candle-holder-glass?ref=listing-0