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2016 Color of the Year

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2015 Home Interior Design Trends

Using handcrafted items is an interior design trend for 2015 and is expected to continue for years! Floral designs are also still popular. The color of the year for 2015 is "Marsala" which is a brownish earthy red, and it will mix well with neutral colors. Using hand crafted items to support the color trends or to add your own splash of color will be a trend in itself. See the articles below which discusses these trends.

You will also find many items to support these trends at my etsy shop here ---> http://chelkay.etsy.com

The photos above and the one below were taken from Pantone's website here --->http://pantone.com/pages/index.aspx?pg=21163&from=hp 




Spring and Summer

Party Serving Trays for Entertaining

This blue serving dish is perfect for serving food while entertaining. The green serving plate is great for entertaining this holiday season. The Aventurine in the glass gives it a marble like appearance! 

Blue Serving Plate

Green Serving Plate with Aventurine  -- Sold --email to order

Examples of how to use this Blue Serving plate in the pictures below.
To Serve Side Dishes
To Serve Dessert

To Serve the Main Dish

Here is one of my articles showing how to use serving trays and dishes for entertaining. Click here

Tea Bag Holders

These are fun little functional and elegant tea bag holders.  Customers are giving them as gifts and using at home or at the office. So many colorful choices and fun to make and inexpensive!!!!


Glass Ring Dish 

This glass ring dish is one of many I made recently. There are so many different colors to fit your taste or room decor.  Its a fabulous way to hold your wonderful ring.

Any time of year 


Sold -- Click to email an order request

Drink Coasters 

Decorative Coasters
I make holiday coasters and 'year round' glass coasters for drinks and decor. These clear glass coasters have translucent green and turquoise and opalescent lilac and blue and aventurine blue glass and can be paired with tea bag holders. Convo me through etsy or gmail if a piece you want is not available.


Rustic Home Decor

These decorative glass bowls and plates below are wonderful for rustic decor.  I made each by hand. The fern items below contain the impressions of a real ferns. Although the fern burned away in my kiln, the impression in glass left behind is permanent like a fossil! Enjoy fall inside the home. Another simple and quick way to decorate your home is with coasters. 

Sold - Convo me at my etsy shop or
email me to make again

Real Fern Bowl - Sold - Convo me at my etsy shop or
email me to make again


Christmas Ornaments

I make each of these unique little ornaments by hand. First I cut each piece of glass, then I assemble the pieces, kiln it,  attach a hook, and finally add a string so you can hang this piece directly out of the box. Convo me at Etsy for large volume orders