Kitchen and Entertaining

In addition to melted wine bottles that can be used while cooking, dining, and entertaining I have many other colorful and unique products I make by hand that you can use. (see below)

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Tea bag holders

They are pretty and a great way to keep counters clean! People also give them as party favors and for other occasions as small gift ideas. I am always adding new colors like the one on the right.

Newest Design for Spring and Summer 2015

Wine Charms

Celtic Knots
Looking for a unique gift when you attend a house or garden party?  I just started making these for this spring and summer and also making new designs every week.

Red and Black

Blue and Black

Sushi Sets

These make great gifts for the couple for weddings or bridal showers. You can also add extra plates to use while dining with larger groups. I have two new colors that I will be posting soon!

Serving Plates

Large Colorful Unique plates perfect for larger get togethers or special occasions.

A Larger 8" Serving Plate for Large Servings


Cheese Plates

Primarily for serving appetizers like cheese!

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