Newest Creations!

On this page, you will see some of my newest creations.

Spring 2017

I have had a burst of creativity and unveiled some new items at a recent handmade fair!

A New Suncatcher. Each piece is hand cut and placed! Made the beads too!

Made for a client's fair booth display for memorial day! I really like them and offering online for the first time this year!

Here is a video of the assembly step of making one of my fused glass mosaic crosses! After cutting the pieces of glass for the cross and cutting small pieces of colored glass, I then place and arrange the glass pieces before placing in one of my kilns for firing.

Check out my Fused Glass Catholic / Christian Decor here

I updated a popular shop photo to include my newest color choices and some of my most popular colors over the past year! They are most often used to hold sugar spoons in the kitchen and jewelry and rings in other rooms. People have used them to hold various small trinkets, even spent matches on an altar! I make each by hand and they are colorful accents to add to your home!

Colorful Dishes

January 2017

Taking some time to update my blog and highlight my long standing popular and favorite currently available items in my shop! 

Three years ago I first wrote about my fused glass sushi sets. Since then these have proved to be consistently popular gifts for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, housewarmings, Mother's day, employee gifts, and Christmas and other holidays and special gift days! 

These are unique glass serving ware that allow you to eat sushi one makes or buys from a restaurant and chooses to eat at home in a lovely way. Here are the most popular colors - 

These sets can be customized for three or more people. Convo me on etsy

Winter 2016/2017

My husband and I thank the Good Lord for inspiration and opportunity to create these.

Please read about each below and if you are interested in any one item, click on it to go to my shop to see it there. Thank you and have a peaceful and joyful New Year!

Inspired by the common bible quote of 1 Corinthians 13 for Valentin's Day, weddings, or other gift

Inspired by Winter X-Country Ski Trips

Another gift idea for Valentine's Day. A design of my popular ring dish and small tea bag/spoon holder

A new melted wine bottle design for Winter or All year Round!

A new green melted wine Bottle design with metallic/Glass bead

A bible quote from the gospel for my newest inspirational prayer plaque

A new brown melted wine bottle with metallic/glass bead

A new color offering of one of my recent glass cross designs.
Another new brown melted wine bottle

A new melted wine bottle color! 

Fall 2016

While getting ready for the holiday season I came up with this new ornament in keeping with a few of my cute and fun design.

Inspired by the night skies and the milky way, I created this small dish. I used turquoise, blues, and white crushed glass and placed it on smoky quartz glass in a way which resembles the milky way. Great gift and decor for outer space and astronomy lovers. You can even use it as a sugar spoon / tea bag holder, ring, or other trinket items. 

I just made a Christmas tree 'tree ornament' :) It is now larger than in the past!  I made a few extra and  have a few ready to ship!
A brand new cross design. One day while sitting at an art fair I just had an idea about a cross design. I combined a unique cobalt blue cross design and wrapped it with silver colored copper wire! 

Still holding on to summer as the colors begin to change. I have been making these dishes for years and have finally offered one online. I used a real Queen Anne's Lace flower to make this dish. 

Summer 2016

Been busy the last couple weeks finishing some local orders using summer flowers as part of the glass I create similar to the fern creations I make. I also have been completing orders for some of my existing pieces. I did take some time to create a new video of making the glass mosaic cross. See below.

The video above shows some of the effort that goes into making handmade pieces. Apart from design and firing the items in the kiln, a good deal of time is spent cutting and placing the pieces of glass.

Looking forward to winter with this new ornament and icicle bow designed itemsl!!!

Coffee Press Coaster !

A great way to hold your coffee press when serving. Also, a nice way to hold the coffee press plunger when 'brewing'. Don't try to balance the plunger in one hand while you pour hot water with the other. Don't place the coffee press plunger on the counter and get the counter or the plunger dirty! Click on the photo to go see it in my shop!

New Soap Dish and Ring Holder Design

I just designed a new color soap dish! Thanks to Cheryl and using colors that remind me of Bermuda, this dish is a new addition to my online shop.

Customer and Bermuda inspired Design

Spring 2016

I just created a new design of wine charms! Using colorful dichroic glass which makes colorful and ' blingy ' charms to put on your wine glass.  A great way to keep track of your glass.  
A fun gift when parties or get togethers include wine

A new melted wine bottle design! -- A brown bottle with copper colored wire and a red bead.

Original Photo
One custom project I can share with you is the creation of a glass plate from the photo of the cat below. His name is 'Speed Bump' from sitting in the parking lot and driveway of the Seawall Motel and drivers needing to avoid him.   Taking a moment to share a photo of the kitty and the finished plate which can be hung on the wall.  Click here to see it in my shop. Be sure to check out Dave and Vickie's Motel here -
Finished Plate

Winter 2015 / 2016

A new cross design as wall decor or a sun catcher. Simpler than my mosaic design yet ornate and colorful. #cross

I created a new color for the small dishes I make. I created it with the help of a customers request.  These make great tea bag holders, ring holders, and party favors. Shown on the right is a green dish I wrapped with chocolate and gave as a gift recently. 

I took one of my most popular melted wine bottle spoon rests and added a heart shaped bead for gift giving and decor during this Valentine's Day Season! 

Getting some time now to make some new designs since Christmas is past, but don't forget to celebrate 'Three Kings' or Russian/Orthodox Christmas on January 7th! 

Here is my newest soap dish design! Some people really like the color black and others like to use it in their decor. This black glass soap dish has a touch of white as a highlight.

Pantone Color of the Year 

The pantone color of the year for 2016 was just announced! Go to my article here to find out what it is! 

I just created a combination sun catcher and wind chime! This inspiration came after a customer I met at a finger lakes winery craft show requested I make both a sun catcher and a wind chime/suncatcher. This sun catcher features a cross and beads which were kilned or 'melted' together into one solid piece. Hear it below or go to my shop to see the listing. Thank you.

Click on the video above to hear it!

I took one of my popular Snowflake ornaments and sized it to fit this gift box. I then hand stamped the saying " Let it Snow " on the metal along with the year. This is a great way to commemorate the year that has past, especially if something special has happened!

Fall 2015

New Sushi Set Color! You can also now choose what color chopsticks you want to be included! Come to my etsy shop to see!

Here is are my newest melted wine bottle designs for Winter, Christmas, and other winter holiday! After first melting the cobalt blue wine bottle to a shiny appearance, I then added a snowflake bead, along with a smaller white bead, and then combined it with silver toned copper wire. This will make a great gift this holiday season or will be wonderful winter decor in your kitchen while you cook, bake, or serve food. Be sure to check this bottle out in my shop here : and read about my other bottles and ways to use them to entertain here

I just added a gift box option to my melted wine bottle listings. With this option I will include a custom message of your choice, include it with your bottle, and place it in a decorative box. Great for gift giving!

Summer 2015

Now offering Gift Boxes! I purchased gift boxes as a great addition for your tea bag holder or ring dish purchase!

The white box, clear top, and cotton insert will add to the presentation of your dish. This will highlight the dish and elevate the presentation and add to the excitement when opened! Great if you want to purchase just 1 dish for that special person or many for that special occasion.

I will add the chord and wrap each item for you and it will appear similar to above when it is shipped.

Girl and Boy Penguins! I made some additions to the penguin ornament. I took a little more time to cut each penguin to give it a 'pudgier' shape. Then I added a bow in the hair to make a 'girly' penguin and a bow tie for the boy penguin. What's your favorite penguin?

I recently created a new colorful tea bag holder with a beautiful mix of blues, greens, and lavender. I just posted it to etsy.  People have been giving them as gifts at tea parties and wedding receptions.

New Penguin Colors! I created this cut little penguin ornaments for the first time last year. This year I have been trying to make new colors and made these recently for a custom order. If you like any of these colors or have a color of your own you would like, come to my shop and convo me. 

Most people hang them from their Christmas tree, some combine them with gift tags for decorations, and some hang them in their windows. 

New Bead/Wire Bottle Design

I took my standard brown wine bottle and added a red bead and copper colored wire.  This color was designed per a customer request and it will be offered for the next several months. Thanks to all the customers who help me create new pieces!

New Star Color

I added this new star color to my tree decorations for a client out west. I made it with turquoise colored glass and silver colored copper wire.  Check out some of my other ornaments here.

New Dragonfly

I made over 5 new dragonfly colors recently. Here is a light purple and red one displayed in a window.  My other sun catchers available online are here.

I made a few of these Christmas tree ornaments at the end of the last Christmas season and proud to offer them online for the first time now. I only have blue right now and need to start making ornaments in different colors over the next couple months. This can also be hung in the window as a sun catcher. I like the sparkle of the silver colored copper wire.

Newest Tea Bag Holder

I just sold one of these and decided it was time to post this for fall decor.  Even though tomatoes are just ripening before you know it, fall will be upon us. I am also offering the fall colored inspired origami bowl. I can make the origami bowl in various mosaic colors. Convo me at Etsy or email me if you want custom colors.

Melted Liquor Bottle / Man Cave Decor

I took a liquor bottle and melted it in my kiln. I then decorated it with wooden beads and copper wire for a masculine approach! This is my first offer of such a bottle and I do not plan on making them often. Give it to the man in your life! He may appreciate a bottle like this to hold items in the bar, in his man cave, den, tv room.  

SuncatchersI made some newly designed sun catchers over the past couple weeks and just unveiled them recently in my etsy shop. Check out the dragonfly! Next I am planning on making more colors and eventually a butterfly!

Colored Edging

I just created a brand new design! I took my standard ring dish/tea bag holder and added an optional red edging. I created the first one out of my kiln! This edging and background color can be done in various colors and added to various types of items!

Happy Blogging,