Easter Baking 2017

I made some paska bread and lamb cake for Easter Sunday. This is a Polish and Ukranian tradition of our grandparents. Bake them on Friday, have them blessed on Saturday, and then eat them on Easter morning breakfast along with hard boiled eggs, ham, kielbasi, and horseradish!

For 2017 we added hrudka!

Check out my instagram page for videos of this year's baking here !

Also, for 2017 I wanted to list the recipe I use to make the paska (means Easter) bread. Find the link on pinterest here.

Before Baking

Baked and ready to be blessed on Saturday morning at Church and eaten Sunday morning for brunch/breakfast.

Christos Voskrese! Voistinu Voskres! Christ is risen! Indeed He has risen! 

Easter breakfast 2016

Greenery is the Color of the Year!

The Pantone Color of the year for 2017 is... Greenery!!!!

Another Nature Inspired Color!!!

See http://www.pantone.com to learn more!

This blog article will show some of the color schemes and great handmade art and handcrafted items fitting with this great color for your home! I will be continuing to feature other great artists and the various color schemes related to Pantone ranging from 'Rev it Up' to 'Forest Floor'!

Here are some great fine art photography pieces by Zina that will work well with the Greenery Color Schemes! 

Read about her inspiration below and be sure to click on each piece to see it in her online shop!

 "SPRING TIME" This is one of my first photographs in the 'Frozen Spring' series. The idea for the series was born about 4 years ago when we experienced one of those arctic temperatures vortexes in New York. The temperature outdoor was bellow 0F and we were discussing with my husband on how the things outdoors are freezing and what they look like. Somehow we came with the idea to stick some flowers in the bucket of water and put them outside on the balcony. 

The rest is history :)

Romantic Floral Fine Art Print 

"Happy Swirl"

Here are some great handmade kitchen items by Sylvia

dish scrubbies

Colorful Scrubbies

hand knitted dish cloth

Here are some great items by Joe

Curtain Tie Pull Back

Green Cotton Velvet Curtain 

Green Cotton Velvet Curtain 

100% Cotton Velvet Velour Fabric for Upholstery 

Here are some great items by Kris

This vintage Pyrex mixing bowl in avocado green with white daisy blossoms was created in the "Spring Blossom" or "Crazy Daisy" pattern and dates from the 1970s.

This fantastic, collectible 1930s cast iron boot jack in the shape of a beetle (or cricket or grasshopper) is amazing because it still has much of its original green and black enamel paint, while most from this era have either lost all their paint or been painted over.

This set of four vintage dinner plates was made in Italy by La Primula S.R.L. Ceramica Quadrifoglio and features a lovely green and white design of artichokes, radishes, pea pods, cherry tomatoes, olives, squash, parsley, and chard.

The items I most enjoy making are the fused glass pieces below based on real plants, especially ferns. A great way to add some Color of the year to your decor!

Spoon Dish / Tea Bag Holder

Sold Out
Candle Plate

Ring Dish

Soap Dish
Wine Bottle Spoon Rest and Serving Tray

Colors that go with Green video from Better Homes and Gardens!

Color Schemes - Try these color schemes below

Mix and match different colors with Greenery for different feels!

Goto http://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year-2017 to see their color schemes.

Blue Wine Bottles

Spoon Dish / Tea Bag Holder

Curtain Tie Pull Back

Dragonfly SunCatcher

Colorful Scrubbies

go to http://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year-2017 to see more of their great schemes!

dish scrubbies

Green Cotton Velvet Curtain 

Ring Dish

100% Cotton Velvet Velour Fabric for Upholstery 

See more color schemes here http://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year-2017

hand knitted dish cloth
Kitchen Decor

Wall Art

Window Decor

The Pantone color of the year for 2016 was ROSE QUARTZ & SERENITY. This combination of pale pink and light blue are meant when combined to bring a feeling of order and peace.

Read Pantone's Article on Color of the Year

One will often find these colors in nature, especially in the sea and sky. Many people find inspiration from the beauty of nature. I am also often inspired by these colors in nature when creating glass items. Some of my pieces combine these colors in one piece such as this mosaic cross you can find in my etsy shop. Other pieces include one of these colors.

"Far away on the horizon we could see the great mountains…The sight of these beauties made a deep impression on my thoughts; I felt as if I were already beginning to understand the greatness of God and the wonders of heaven. Words of St. Therese

Video of the Maine Shoreline