Large Orders for Weddings and Fundraisers

I just finished a large order of 36 sets of coasters which were given out to the public at a local charity event.  I enjoy making one or more! 
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Sushi Sets for Entertaining or as Housewarming Gifts.

 I customized this sea green sushi set below and people are buying them to give as bridal shower gifts,  birthday presents, and other special gift days.

These sushi sets still have unique designs.  I have made a few different color combinations. These sets can be easily customized for three or more people. 

Saint Patrick's Day is on the Way!

With Saint Patrick's Day approaching I have been busy creating! One of my newer creations that is keeping me busy are these Shamrock Coasters. I have been making them for people in the area who are enjoying giving them as gifts.  I have also been making many of these Celtic Knot Coasters.  Use them for your own party whether you have a lot of people over or just a few.  Also, take them with you to a party and give to the host or hostess and thank them in style!