Entertain with Wine and Cheese in Spring!

Here is a quick way to entertain in the spring!  It includes food, wine, and two people or more.  Wine and cheese is often thought of as a formal highbrow way to entertain. However, let me share with you an elegant yet informal way to celebrate spring with friends and family.

Step 1 - Pick the Wine

Step 2 - Pick the Food

Step 3 - Pick the Tableware and Serving Plates and Dishes 

In this party of early spring I chose a dry red wine (Pinot noir) . Then I chose cheese with strong flavor to match with dry red wines.  The cheeses in this get together were blue cheese and smoked Gouda! What great tastes! For spring, take fresh asparagus, wrap with a slice of prosciutto and bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes.  Finally the Presentation!!!!!

I used a flat melted wine bottle cheese board to serve the cheese. I used a rounded melted wine bottle to serve the crackers. Finally, I placed the asparagus on an olive green 'sushi' style plate with a green leaf motif.

Do not forget the people!  You can entertain and party with 2 people or as many as you wish.

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