Wine and Sushi

Spring Roll with a Spicy Seafood Ro
Here is a pretty way to enjoy a romantic evening together. Pair some wine with sushi and serve them on these unique and pretty handmade glass sushi dishes.

We bought some tempura to go. We used a dark purple sushi set to serve the sushi with a dry Riesling.

Here we used my sushi set to serve spring roll and spicy seafood roll. We paired it with a Pinot Gris from Inniskillin.

I have handmade sushi sets for sale here

Go here to find some ways to pair, depending on the wine or the sushi!

Wedding Tradtions - Top of Layer Cake

Ever hear of the Top of Layer Cake Tradition?
It is when you save the top of the layer of your wedding cake and eat it on your one year anniversary. I have made this several times for weddings and other special occasions.
I made this plate to celebrate our wedding day and enjoy cake too!!! Click here to order one and personalize a plate for your wedding day.

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Homemade Brew, Burgers, Hops, and Glass!

Homemade Raspberry Wheat Beer(from last brew) and Homegrown Cascade Hops

Today we are going to enjoy the nice outdoor heat and grill some burgers while we make some beer!  The highlight was using homegrown cascade hops I grew last year to make American Wheat Beer.
Homegrown Cascade Hops

Step 1 Add the Malt to Boiling Water to make the Wort!

Adding the Malt
Step 2 Start to Grill Hamburger Sliders while you boil the wort!!!

Melted Wine Bottle and Handmade Slider Serving Tray

Step 3 Eat!

See my Melted Wine Bottles for sale Here at Etsy and Here at my Blog. Special Thanks to My Aunt for supplying the homemade ketchup!

Step 4 Add the cascade hops and boil.

Step 5 Add other hops, poor cool wort into fermenting bucket, pitch yeast and wait for the Beer to Brew!

In the future.... A bottling Party!!!!