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How to Make Party Favors and Small Gifts

I make small dishes to give as tokens of appreciation at different times of the year to family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances.  Below is  a quick way to wrap a small gift or party favor.  I used my own handmade glass dishes but you can use any small dish and then do the same! I purchased all other materials at a local craft store. Click here to learn more about a custom order of 40 dishes I made for party favors for a bridal shower.

I also make small dishes for sale in my online shop and for sale locally for various occasions. (Purchase dishes in these two locations from my online shop.  SectionSection 2        Convo me at Etsy for larger orders. Thank you.)

A Quick Way to Wrap a Small Gift or Party Favor


  • Clear cellophane wrap 
  • Ribbon
  • Your Favorite Chocolates
  • A small dish 

Step 1  Gather Materials - (cut ribbon, cut paper, ...)

  Step 2 After placing the chocolate on the dish then place the dish on top of the cellophane plastic.
Step 3 Lift the cellophane, pull together, and twist.

 Step 4 Tie the ribbon just above the dish.
Step 5 The final step is to put a bow in the ribbon.  If you make more than one you can always vary the color of the dish or candy.

An example of what one of my customers did to wrap the dishes I made for her

These were dishes I created for a medium sized order of 40 total dishes that were given as party favors.  See this page of my blog to learn more.
Customized Party Favors for a Bridal Shower 
- Venetian Lace