Inspired by Nature

I am inspired by nature in most of the fused glass I create.  Above are two photos of wonderful natural scenes that create an impression on me.  Above in the center of the photo are some of the sushi sets I create containing some of these colors.  
These sushi sets make a magnificent ' gift for couple ' for a bridal shower or wedding present.  You can also keep it for yourself to use with your loved one!

The sushi sets are made by first cutting and shaping the glass. After the glass is cut it is then arranged in the kiln and 'fused' together under high temperature.  The next step is to take the glass and 'slump' the glass into its shape by again placing in the kiln. If you like come to my shop at
"Far away on the horizon we could see the great mountains…The sight of these beauties made a deep impression on my thoughts; I felt as if I were already beginning to understand the greatness of God and the wonders of heaven. Words of St. Therese