Wine in Cheese in Fall 2!

We have been meaning to have another wine and cheese evening. So here is our latest wine and cheese article using the mustard and conserve we made this spring and summer from our garden!

Step 1 - Pick the Wine - Sometimes the easiest step sometimes it is the hardest step! This evening we chose a 2012 Merlot from a Vineyard in the Finger Lakes, New York. We also included a Pinot Noir Rose to compare and contrast for added fun!

Step 2 - Pick the Food / Cheese - We chose several items, some of which we made this year. We chose two cheeses, including a soft goat cheese (best paired with the merlot) we also included an asiago cheese we bought at DiBruno Bros. at the Italian market in Philadelphia. You have to go there and make sure to visit the St. Rita Shrine when you are there too! Along with that we are adding the mustard we made and the Rhubarb Conserve we made this spring.  See my article for when we made that here  Finally a parmesan toast to combine with it all!

Step 3 - Pick the Tableware and Serving Plates and Dishes 

Finally the Presentation!!!!!

We used a brown rounded melted wine bottle to serve the parmesan toast, small glass dishes for the dipping sauces, and a larger fern plate for the cheeses! Checkout my online shop for similar handmade glass serving bottles, plates, and dishes.

See my melted wine bottle section here with links to other articles for different times of the year and last years wine and cheese in fall party!